Value Added Services

Pre-Employment Testing:

To enhance the effectiveness of the hiring process, TALAUG offers the following Pre-Employment Testing services:

Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests measure a job applicant’s ability to analyze information, solve problems, understand details, and communicate idea. Research has established that high scores on cognitive ability tests are the best predictors of a successful hire.

Personality Tests

Personality tests measure a job applicant’s competitiveness, corporate citizenship, work attitude and other interests and motivations.

Job Knowledge Tests

Job knowledge tests use multiple choice, hot-spot, fill-in-the-blank, or essay items to evaluate a candidate’s working knowledge of topics relevant to the job role.

Work Samples and Simulations

These require the candidate to perform activities that are similar to activities that would be completed on the job. For example, a test-taker might have to respond to a customer complaint, analyze customer feedback emails, or measure an object.

Background Verification

Besides checking for show-stoppers in candidates past (Criminal Records, Falsification of Information, Affiliations, Substance Abuse), Background Verification can be very effective in delving into items that reflect a candidate’s past work performance, including tenure, employer feedback, education and other factors used to predict success on the job.

Hiring Process Optimization:

To enhance the efficiency and candidate experience of the hiring process, TALAUG offers the following solutions / services:

On-boarding Pre-Process

Automation and outsourcing the new employee documentation process and getting almost all of it out of the way prior to candidate joining. This helps reduce the time, effort and cost of this process. This also reduces the single biggest area of new employee dissatisfaction during the first day, while making more time available for activities designed to make a positive impact.

Induction Pre-Process

A large chunk of the information heavy part of induction is dealt with before a new employee joins through a combination of personal interaction with trained TALAUG personnel and automation.

Technical University Hiring Effectiveness:

University hiring is often a core element of the talent pipeline. There are two major problems with this: 1) It’s a lot of effort and; 2) A vast majority of the university hires in India are nowhere close to hitting the ground running: it takes them 6-12 months to become productive. TALAUG has services that significantly reduce the problems clients face:

Outsourced University Hiring

We gain deep understanding of client standards and processes and do it for them. That we have a readymade catchment area, is a huge bonus.

Employability Solutions

We’ll find talent using our clients’ standards and procedures and train them on requisite knowledge and skills. Clients can then hire from this upgraded pool. The impact of our intervention would be that candidates hired would be ready to deploy on projects / assignments between 0 to 3 months of joining. The benefits are immense: Significantly reduced cost and enhanced effectiveness.